Open Tropical Garden

- Free Guided Tour -

Sunday, 5th of May 2024

Join us for a unique experience at this private tropical oasis in the Algarve, located between Silves and Messines. For one day only, we're opening our gates to share the beauty of our lush, tropical garden with a select few.

Discover Exotic Flora from Around the World

Our garden is home to an impressive collection of tropical trees from various continents. Explore the tastes and sights of rare and exotic fruits like Lychees, Longan, Mangoes, Jabuticaba, Macadamia, White, Green and Black Sapote, Canistel, Pitaya, Pitanga, Guava, Moringa, Papaya, Nashi Pear, Jujuba, Inga Edulis, Cherry of the Rio Grande etc. and many stunning ornamental trees.*

*Please note that at this time, not all trees are bearing fruit or flowering.

  • Jabuticaba
  • Strawberry Guave
  • Pitanga
  • Litchie
  • Macadamia
  • Jambolan
  • Cherry of the Rio Grande
  • Coffee arabica
  • Annona Cherimoya
  • Carambola / Star Fruit
  • Mombinpflaume
  • Inga Edulis / Ice Cream Bean
  • Diospyra
  • Apple Banana

How it works ...

Register and book your personal spot for 5th of May 2024 :-)

Free Guided Tours

To ensure a personal and informative experience, we will host a guided tour free of charge at 3 PM. The tour is designed to immerse you in the tropical landscape, providing insights into the cultivation and characteristics of our diverse plant species.

The property is situated on a slope, so participants should be in physical condition that allows them to walk comfortably.

Limited Spots Available

Availability is limited, and prior registration is essential to secure your spot. Please sign up early to join us for this special event.


Complimentary vegan snacks and beverages will be provided on a donation basis. All contributions will help us maintain the beauty and health of our garden.

Reserve Your Spot

To reserve your spot, please register for your guided tour using the buttons below. We look forward to welcoming you to our garden paradise! After registration you will receive further information, exact pin etc.

Important Notice: Registration is required for adults only. Kids are always welcome and do not need to register!

About us

Anna and Eike combine many years of independent entrepreneurship, yoga and meditation practice, and conscious family living in harmony with nature. This philosophy permeates their entrepreneurial activities in online business, legal practice, and through hosting offline events like Retreats, Cacao Ceremonies etc.

They live with three children and twelve animals in their 8-hectare tropical garden in the Algarve, where they run the retreat and coworking center QUANTUM MAGIC. It is their heartfelt mission to maintain, care for, and develop this tropical garden.

As sought-after speakers and experts, they guide and inspire thousands of people through online courses, conferences, retreats, mentorships, their bestselling books, and their way of life.

Anna and Eike are convinced that magic happens when you discover and live your true essence.

Since most people can more easily live their essence and dreams when they experience prosperity in the form of health, financial independence, autonomy, meaningfulness, and a nurturing environment, our support starts right there.


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